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28 January 2006 @ 07:09 pm
sean broke up with me last week.

this totally sucks.

especially because HE was the one cheating on ME.

WITH A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am not sure whether i should be hurt... or supportive?

anybody have any advice? i'm just so so torn. because... i mean... i don't know what this means. he has never mentioned anything about being gay or bi. but i guess he is??? he says he was "experimenting". and i said, "well, dr. jekyll, carry the fuck on" and i stormed out of his apartment.

alskjdflaksjfwojeliamnksdjflkasdj is really the only phrase i can use to describe how i feel.

or maybe dlafkjdjlfwiejfoijwoijljfns.
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02 November 2005 @ 07:57 pm
e-lectricity, that is.

so the power in my studio got shut off last week. randomly. it was mid-afternoon, so it was still light enough for me to look through my checkbook and determine that i had indeed sent in the check for the month. i went to call the power company on my phone... whoops, it's cordless. dead. i went to call the power company on my cell phone. hadn't charged in all week. died while connecting.

so i bundle up, and head out to find a payphone. i had forgotten that payphones were no longer 25 or 35 cents, but now 50, so i had to go BACK home after walking a block, and scrounge up a couple of quarters.

i finally get to a payphone, ready to call. when i realize i don't have the number. and there is no phone book in the booth.

so i walk... and i walk and i walk and i walk walk walk walk walk. and i stop at gas station pay phones, shopping center payphones, every payphone i see, and nobody has a phone book.

after almost 9 blocks of walking, i find one with a phone book. it's getting dark now, so i'm running, and i slip, and i hit my chin on the door to the booth. so now there's blood all over the phone booth, all over my face, but i don't care, i'm calling the power company!!! and do you know what made this day even better? what really was the frosting AND sprinkles on the cake?! THE PAGE I NEEDED WAS TORN OUT. i am not fucking kidding you.

i am in tears at this point (which mixed nicely with the blood) and i finally found a phonebook, and a working pay phone, and the correct page, and i call, and i get to talk to someone and i tell her my sob story and this is what she says,

"oh yes, we realized we had cut you off by mistake. your power was turned back on about 20 minutes ago. i apologize and i hope you have a great weekend, thank you for your loyalty."

that's right.

the power was turned back on a mere 10 minutes after i had left the house.

if there were an emoticon that had a bloody face and an open mouth... i'd be using it.
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22 October 2005 @ 05:06 pm
not entirely sure why i started this livejournal, but i figure maybe someday this will come in handy as i try to remember what the hell i did with my younger self.

i'm freezing in new york right now... as the heater in my apartment is on the fritz. i am re-reading a script that i'm considering developing into a short... but i'd have to front the money, which i don't have... so we'll see i guess.

i know that nobody reads this (as of yet) so i don't really know what to write... should i give you some sort of myspaceian synopsis about myself? none of my friends have lj's so i guess nobody on here will know me anyways.

so a brief intro about myself:

i was born and (semi) raised in dc (suburbs), but lived from time to time in london (suburbs) as my mom is american and my dad is british. my nan got sick while i was in grade 8, so we moved back to london to stay with her, and i completed high school abroad. after she passed, we came back to dc (my parents had to move for business) and instead of going straight to university, i decided to take some classes at a community college in new york and try to work as a director.

so far... so... okay. :)

well... i guess that's all for now...

i'll keep you posted ;)
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